True legends don’t grow old.
FIAT 500

True legends don’t grow old.  They simply change.  Just like the Fiat 500 – the icon of Italian design and lifestyle – which has been reinventing and renewing itself for almost 60 years, whilst remaining faithful to its original spirit.  Hip and cool ever since it first took to the road, the New Fiat 500 is now reborn with an even bolder and more captivating personality, greeting the world with a fabulous new look, an irresistibly  , cheeky and charm guaranteed to turn heads.

FIAT 500

All eyes on me

THAT’S THE FIAT 500 seems to want to say with its new front now even cheekier with the new ribbing, the enhanced whiskers and the front bumper surrounding the three dimensional grille.  No to mention the new daytime running lights, reminiscent of the logo, that becomes a veritable signature feature, impossible to misconstrue with any others. 

Iconic and with an instantly recognisable silhouette, for the interiors too the New Fiat 500 adds a contemporary twist to the classic curvy design that has always made it. 

Fiat 500


The version that welcomes you into the world of the 500.  POP is the car with a casual” style ideally suited to everyone’s life.

Fiat 500


The new Fiat 500 POP STAR is a step up from the basic version with unexpected features that gets heads turning.

Fiat 500

FIAT 500 Lounge

Elegant at first glance and so chic at the same time, the New Fiat 500 Lounge is like a classic suit redesigned with a contemporary twist, that stands out for its reined details.

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