Alfa Romeo has always created unique cars that put the driver and driving pleasure at the heart of their design. That’s the formula behind a string of models, brimming with character, that have become beacons in the automotive landscape.

Today, Alfa Romeo is writing a new chapter in its magnificent 107-year history, with the Stelvio: an SUV made the Alfa Romeo way. The car draws inspiration from the legendary mountain pass with over 75 hairpin bends in quick succession, widely seen as one of the most beautiful and engaging roads on the planet. Because it’s in the curves that a car shows its true colours. And that’s where Alfa Romeo excels.



Like no other SUV, the Stelvio reconciles conflicting characteristics. Ride height and habitability blend harmoniously with driver appeal. Because the design comes from a sporting mindset.

Beneath the Stelvio’s skin, there’s a Giulia – the state of the art in driving pleasure. So the Stelvio combines the load capacity and versatility of an SUV with the performance of the latest benchmark in sports saloons. It rewrites the rules of the class, to become the ideal car for people who won’t settle for less.

It’s hard to remain indifferent in the face of so much technology and such performance. At the heart of the Stelvio, you’ll discover a gutsy engine with an all-aluminium block. This delivers a light-weight, high-performance operation effortlessly combined with eco-integrity.

The patented Q4 all-wheel drive system, ensuring rugged off-road performance when you need it most, is driven by a powerful 2.0-litre, 206 kW petrol engine, engineered for a smooth yet vigorous drive.

The all-commanding engine is available with a state-of-the-art 8-speed automatic transmission that optimises response in terms of fluidity, comfort, performance and efficiency. It’s the true definition of passion.



Electronics are an integral part of every modern car and help deliver levels of performance, safety and driving pleasure that were unthinkable until a few years ago.

On top of all this, the Stelvio benefits from all-wheel drive with Q4 technology, the innovative on-demand system that combines the advantages of four-wheel drive with the driving pleasure that only rear-wheel drive can deliver.

The Q4 system includes an active transfer case and front differential designed to meet the specific technical requirements of Alfa Romeo and responsively handle high torque levels with a particularly compact, lightweight set-up.

It works by constantly monitoring road conditions and driving style, and optimising torque distribution  between the front and rear axles, to maximise grip and handling on every road surface.

In normal conditions the Stelvio acts like a rear-drive vehicle, with the Q4 system sending 100% of the torque to the rear axle, but if the system detects rear-wheel slippage it transfers up to 50% of the torque to the front axle in real time.

The result is impeccable performance everywhere: on a hairpin bend, an unsurfaced track, or when cornering in driving rain. With the Q4 system, you really can have more stability when you need it and maximum performance at all times.



Integrated Brake System (IBS). An electromechanical device, which combines the functions of both the braking system and the stability control system. It offers high-precision braking inputs from the pedal, cuts out vibration when the ABS cuts in, and works with the powerful, responsive braking system to bring the Stelvio from 100 km/h to a standstill in less than 39 m. *

Lane Departure Warning (LDW). A video sensor installed on the windscreen recognises the lane markings on the road surface and alerts the driver with audio and visual warnings if the driver moves out of the lane  involuntarily or fails to use turn signals.*

Forward Collision Warning (FCW) with Autonomous Emergency Brake (AEB) with pedestrian detection and active braking. This system alerts the driver to the risk of frontal collision with acoustic and visual signals, before activating the braking system as necessary.

Below 65 km/h around town, what’s more, it detects pedestrian presence in the car’s direction of travel and applies the brakes automatically if the driver can’t react in time.*

Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM). Two radars mounted in the rear bumper continuously monitor the blind spots behind you on both sides of the vehicle. In the event of a potential risk situation, the system triggers warning lights on the door mirrors, to alert you to the presence of obstacles alongside the vehicle.**

Rear Cross-Path Detection (RCPD). This system monitors the road behind you when you’re reversing, and alerts you if another vehicle approaches at rightangles at less than 35 km/h.**

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC). Keeps your car at a constant cruising speed and monitors its distance from the car in front at all times. If this distance falls below the safety threshold, the system slows your car down. As soon as the road ahead is clear again, the Adaptive Cruise Control automatically returns your car to the selected cruising speed.**

Super trims are available with the following engine:

  • 2.0 Turbo Petrol 206 kW AT8 Q4 SUPER
  • 18” 10 Split Spoke Alloy Wheels
  • Front and Rear Parking Sensors
  • Rear Parking Camera
  • Uconnect Touch 8.4N DC/DVD/MP3/NAV
  • VDC – Vehicle Dynamic Control
  • Power Liftgate
  • Instrument Panel with 7” Colour Tft Display
  • Stop & Start (S&S)
  • Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)
  • Electrochromic Internal Rearview Mirror
  • 8 Speakers
  • Power Folding Heated Mirrors
  • Steering Wheel Controls
  • Leather Steering Wheel
  • Automatic Headlight Activation (Dusk/Dawn)
  • Hill Descent Control
  • Full Leather Seats
  • Specific Exhaust Tailpipe
  • Lane Departure Warning (LDW)
  • Integrated Brake System (IBS)
  • Autonomous Emergency Brake (AEB)
  • Forward Collision Warning (FCW)
  • USB Charging Port
  • Rain Sensor
  • Specific Brake Calipers (Red, Yellow & Black)


The Stelvio offers a first-class power-to-weight ratio through extensive use of ultra-light materials, such as carbon-fibre for the driveshaft, and aluminium for the bonnet, doors, rear hatch, front and rear fenders, engine and suspension.

The result is higher efficiency, better driving dynamics and lower fuel consumption and emissions.

Below 65 km/h around town, what’s more, it detects pedestrian presence in the car’s direction of travel and applies the brakes automatically if the driver can’t react in time.*

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